Certificate of Real Estate and Property Management

Course Overview

The Certificate of Real Estate and Property Management is a short online professional development course designed to introduce students to real estate sales techniques and property management, providing essential knowledge, tools and techniques to help you launch your career in real estate. This online real estate course will take you through the real estate sales and property management process, including customer management, ethical and legal constraints, managing residential tenancies, contract law as applied to real estate, trust accounting, general property management, as well as the essential selling skills and techniques designed to help you successfully close the sale.

Course Topics

Introduction To Real Estate
Real Estate Transactions
Types Of Properties
Property Ownership
The Agent’s Role In Transactions
The Concept Of Agency
Role And Duties Of A Property Agent
Other Legal Responsibilities Of A Property Agent
The Agency As A Business
Forms Of Business Ownership
Services Offered By Real Estate Agents
Roles And Positions In Agency Practice
Ethical And Professional Controls
Basic Concepts And Common Terminology
Land Ownership Or Estates In Land
Torrens Title
Real Property
Co‐Ownership Of Land
Joint Tenancy
Tenants In Common
Certificate Of Title
Conveyance & Transfer (Of Title)
Real Estate Enquiries
Database Management
Property Management
Property Manager Qualities
Residential Tenancies
Rent Arrears Management
The Property Management Brochure
Listing Presentation Kit
Selecting A Suitable Tenant
Rent Rolls
Liaising With The Sales Department
Specialist Property Management
Property Management Forms
A Property Manager’s Responsibilities
Introduction To Contract Law
Formal Contracts
Simple Contracts
Introduction To Trust Accounting
Source Documents
Trust Accounting – Legal Requirements
Trust Account Records
Receipting And Banking
Trust Account Banking
Receipts, Deposits & Payments
Introduction To Sales
The Role Of The Property Consultant
Third Party Selling
The Sale Of Properties
Listing Properties For Sale
Prospecting For Listings
For Sale By Owner
Reasons Why Owners Should Use A Property Agent
The Pre‐Listing Process
The Listing Presentation Kit
Conducting A Title Search
Search Data Categories
Body Corporate Searches
Source The Listing
Securing The Property For Sale
Establishing Rapport With The Seller
Sale Price
Area And Lifestyle Knowledge
Showing A Property
Inspections By Prospective Customers
Selecting The Right Properties
Determining Needs And Wants
Why Qualify?
Price Range
Preparing For The Inspection
Showing Prospective Buyers Tenanted Property
Travelling To The Property
The Inspection
Listen, And Observe Buyer Reactions
Influencing Buyer Decisions
The Trial Close
Buying Signals
Conducting An Open For Inspection
Security Of The Property
How To Present The Property
Conducting “Open Houses”
The Factors That Underpin Selling
Buyer Motivation
Rational Versus Emotional Motivation
Problem Solving Motivation
The Hierarchy Of Human Needs
Impulse Versus Considered Purchases
The Sales Process
The Sales Delivery Cycle
Modern Selling Skills
Identify Solutions
Understanding & Working With Buyers
The First Customer Contact
The Qualifying Strategy
Closing The Sale

Course Format and Duration

This course is delivered completely ONLINE via our elearning system. The course is available for you to complete at your own pace. Approximately 50 hours.

Elearning Access

12 months’ eLearning access, with free extensions available.


Written assignments and exercises.